Sunday, 11 December 2011

Absorption refrigerator

An assimilation refrigerator is a refrigerator that uses a calefaction antecedent (e.g., solar, kerosene-fueled flame, decay calefaction from factories or commune heating systems) to accommodate the activity bare to drive the cooling system. Assimilation refrigerators are a accepted another to approved compressor refrigerators area electricity is unreliable, costly, or unavailable, area babble from the compressor is problematic, or area surplus calefaction is accessible (e.g., from agent exhausts or automated processes, or from solar plants).

For example, assimilation refrigerators powered by calefaction from the agitation of abounding petroleum gas are generally acclimated for aliment accumulator in recreational vehicles. Absorptive algidity can additionally be acclimated to aerate barrio application the decay calefaction from a gas agent or baptize heater. This use is actual efficient, aback the gas agent produces electricity, hot baptize and air-conditioning (called trigeneration).

Both assimilation and compressor refrigerators use a refrigerant with a actual low baking point (less than 0 °F/−18 °C). In both types, aback this refrigerant evaporates (boils), it takes some calefaction abroad with it, accouterment the cooling effect. The capital aberration amid the two types is the way the refrigerant is afflicted from a gas aback into a aqueous so that the aeon can repeat. An assimilation refrigerator changes the gas aback into a aqueous application a altered adjustment that needs alone heat, and has no affective parts1. The added aberration amid the two types is the refrigerant used. Compressor refrigerators about use an HCFC or HFC, while assimilation refrigerators about use ammonia or water.

The accepted for the assimilation refrigerator is accustomed by the ANSI/AHRI accepted 560-2000

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