Sunday, 11 December 2011

Water spray absorption refrigeration

Another variant, depicted to the right, uses air, water, and a alkali baptize solution. The assimilation of warm, clammy air is anesthetized through a sprayed band-aid of alkali water. The aerosol lowers the clamminess but does not decidedly change the temperature. The beneath humid, balmy air is again anesthetized through an evaporative cooler, consisting of a aerosol of beginning water, which cools and re-humidifies the air. Clamminess is removed from the cooled air with addition aerosol of alkali solution, accouterment the aperture of cool, dry air.

The alkali band-aid is regenerated by heating it beneath low pressure, causing baptize to evaporate. The baptize evaporated from the alkali band-aid is re-condensed, and rerouted aback to the evaporative cooler

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